Education Slot

Each month, OWL provides a 5 minute educational slot given by one of our members.

November’s Education Slot:

A little like my last one, I have drawn on personal experience and  I wanted to share the outcome as it is something we should all do!

Imagine if you can, walking through a forest of large trees. You hear someone with a saw and eventually you come across a chap with one of these great big saws’ energetically pulling and pushing the saw backwards and forward through a great big  tree.

You stop to talk but the guy just keeps on sawing, although he does notice you and even talks with you, but he keeps on sawing.

You tell him his saw is a little blunt. He acknowledges this but he doesn’t have time to sharpen it as he must get this tree down.

Even when you suggest a sharper saw may be quicker, he simply says he must finish the tree, and he’ll get to sharpening …he will, really, he will…

So – translating this into something a little more business focussed .This will resonate with a couple of the people here straight away as you can see, following the next few minutes, how the subject is good advice for everyone who works hard!

“sharpen the saw”

  1. Exercise – releases chemicals, gets your heart going, de-stresses you
  2. Diet – speaks for itself – eat good foods, vitamins, minerals a balanced diet. (I’d include good hydration in here too -the brain needs water)
  3. Learn a new skill – I recently learned how to pick out a horses hooves!
  4. Meditate/Mindfulness – Ok, this sort of leans towards recognising your spiritual self and all that, which some people have a challenge doing but…
  5. Have a deep conversation – not work related! Remind yourself you have other interests that you care about or have an opinion about!
  6. Review Goals – these can be business and personal- review them and if necessary, change them!
  7. Tidy up – Desk, documents, life, wardrobe, shed, anything!
  8. Educate yourself – anything- something I still need to decide on but I am thinking about Italian – or archaeology!
  9. Go on a date! If you have a partner, great, if not then go out with a friend. But make it just the two of you…you can knock off another of the list – a deep conversation – but make it a date. Set it in the diary, plan it, enjoy it and while you’re there do not talk about, think about or hint about work. Leave your phone on silent, or at home…

Work & Play – balanced – when you do it is up to you, but do it!

Terry Shelbourne, Director of Choice Benefits

November 2016