OWL Message

Hello to all our OWL friends and supporters

This year marked the seven-year anniversary of the formation of Ormskirk and West Lancashire Business Focus: known rather affectionately by us all as OWL. Over the years, we have connected with hundreds of business-people like yourselves, and made some amazing friends and advocates of the group.

At times it was a labour of love, but the rewards of knowing that we made a great platform for mutual support; business development and community engagement: the three central tenets of OWL, outweighed the early morning starts and the late-night social media posts.

The group remained successful throughout this time – due mainly to the support of its followers (yes – we mean YOU). However, groups like these do not run themselves and, with heavy hearts, Lizz and Chris have decided that the time has come for OWL to be put to roost. We feel that we have done our job; given it our best and now it’s time for us to bring OWL to a close and step aside.

This is absolutely the right moment to thank each and every one of you for your continued support over the years. It is entirely possible that a new and different phoenix will rise from the ashes to fill the space this creates. If and when that happens, we hope that you will give it the same support that you gave to OWL. There’s an amazing business community with a flourishing spirit in Ormskirk and West Lancashire; and it deserves an arena to play in!

Thanks OWL – you were marvellous. It was a great 7-year journey, and I hope any new groups that may emerge have as much fun as we’ve had.

Lizz and Chris